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Anne Jeffery

Anne's fascination with photography began early in her youth with a Kodak Brownie camera.  From that basic beginning she went on to study photography at Brooks Institute of Photography and with such masters as the renowned black and white photographer Al Weber and nature photographer Philip Hyde.  She also worked as an assistant for Ansel Adams at his Yosemite workshops.

Anne's her newest work merges traditional photography with digital interpretation.  She digitally fuses her original photographs into intricate photomontages.  Her work has been exhibited in Las Lagunas Gallery, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Friedman Memorial Airport, St Luke's Wood River Hospital and in such publications as the Sierra Club Wilderness calendar, Edie Bauer catalogs, Cowboy and Indians magazine, New Mexico Magazine,  and SVPN Magazine.

Anne is an avid runner and x-country skier.  She and her husband Jack Sept, a saddle maker and leather craftsman, make their home in Idaho's Wood River Valley.

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